The Planetary Society and My Moon Photograph

If you are wondering what “The Planetary Society” is well here is a description:

“The Planetary Society is an American-based non-government, nonprofit organization; anyone can join. It is involved in research and engineering projects related to astronomy, planetary science, exploration, public outreach, and political advocacy”


It is a pretty cool society that really encourages space exploration. I found myself becoming a member because my astrophotography has inspired me to want to know more about what is out there. This society gives average people like myself the opportunity to be part of the space, science and engineering community without all of the college tuition and elbow rubbing.  I am not wealthy in the financial sense, nor am I a real scientist. That is the beauty of this society, though the downside is that they keep asking to donate for their projects and I really can’t afford to. But, if you want to know more about who they are here is a link to their siteThe Planetary Society

Why am I talking about this site?

I mention them simply because they have posted one of my submitted images of the Moon on their website. Which I feel is very exciting and encouraging. I’m proud to share my photos with even more people around the world. Not bad for a super amateur astrophotographer!



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