Planetary alignment in the morning: Venus and the Moon

Waking up is hard to do.

A few days ago, I learned the planets would be visible one hour before sunrise. However, waking up is more challenging than staying up late. I also hoped it would not be overcast or foggy like it has been for a while, making it impossible to get any good photos or look through my telescope.

I subscribe to and they email me daily information on celestial events. Which is great since it’s right in my inbox. They said that Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon were going to be clearly visible an hour before sunrise. This is where the waking up is hard to do part comes in. I woke up, and the sun had already begun to rise. I thought all was lost. But to my surprise I could still see the moon and what I believe to be planet Venus. So I ran back in the house grabbed my camera and quickly ran outside to take some pictures.



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