The moon is the easiest object to photography in the night sky. Right?

Actually taking a photo of the moon in the night sky (yes, you can see the moon in daylight) is not as easy as one would think. Most of us beginners would set our cameras to take night shots. However, we forget that the moon is really bright. The moon is a big reflective object. We are left with a totally washed out blob like this one.

Wrong camera settings–Moon photo.

Now, I looked online to find out what settings work best for moon photos. This is because I’m very much an amateur still.

I made some modifications to the recommended settings to suit my results. These are very much the same as you will find around the internet.

Settings that worked for me:

  • ISO: 100 (the lowest possible)
  • F/8.0
  • shutter: 1/250

After those adjustments, the moon looked pretty good, except for the sharpness. I had to take several photos before I could get a decent one.

This is a screenshot of my blurry picture of the moon.

I went through my photos and found a decently focused one. It’s not as sharp as it would look if I took it through my telescope and it was kind of hazy out.

Final version

After some editing using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, I was left with this image that I really like. It was inspired by a tutorial by (a really, really good astrophotography blog). I highly recommend you check out his site and the tutorial for enhancing the color on the moon.


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