Five Planet Alignment 2016

Back on January 24th, there was an event at the Seminole State College Florida. To view all five naked-eye planets, all visible at once in the early morning. It was one of the coldest mornings in a long, long time. I think it was something like 32 degrees. Now, if you are from or have lived in Florida for a while you will think this is very cold.

I prepared myself by buying a big winter coat at Macy*s a few days prior. Packed some snacks, made myself some coffee and was up around 5 AM and by 5:30 I was ready to go. 
The sky was clear. 
The stars were out and I was ready to observe and photograph the planets. With my coffee in one hand and my camera mounted on the tripod, I began to take pictures. 
The lens I used was a Canon 18mm-55mm. Which crops into the images and it was challenging to get all of the planets at once in the image. 
But alas, I was able to get some ok pictures of the planets right before the sun rose. The best surprise was the planet Saturn. One of the telescopes available was aiming right at it and I was able to use my camera to snap some pictures through the eyepiece. 
Overall it was a great experience. 
Here are some of the pictures from that night.

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