Did You Know: Venus Has Phases Just Like Our Moon!

Last month the planet Venus was at its most brilliant. It’s hard to imagine it could be any brighter that it usually is—but it was!. If you looked to the west just after sunset you would have noticed a really bright star. I ran inside the house and grabbed my NEXSTAR 130SLT COMPUTERIZED TELESCOPE. Set it up. Then I saw it. For the first time, I saw Venus clearly. I was amazed that I could see the curvature due to the shadows on the surface.

Image Borrowed from Wikipedia.


Unfortunately, the magnification of my eyepiece and telescope were not strong enough for me to photograph the planet well. I would have needed to mount my camera on the telescope and then photograph it and my type of telescope does is not equipped to have that kind of set up. Regardless, it was amazing to see!

I assume it’s not common knowledge that Venus has phases. I didn’t know. I have never heard of anyone talk about it. I felt like I had just discovered something new. This must be how early astronomers felt when they looked up to the night sky and saw objects that were unexpected or discovered a new world.


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